Tuesday, July 11, 2017

God's Grace is here!

     A whole year of adventures under my belt since I last wrote a blog back in 2016, starting with several souls saved through Jail Ministry for Jesus. All praise goes to God! I am believing for God to use me even more in the months to come, as He's broadening my path so I can share Jesus with others that are lost, hurting, and imprisoned in their souls.  The good news of the gospel always sets the captives free!
      I have been meeting new acquaintances and revisiting old friends of my past. I've always believed that good friends are the spice of life, and that's been proven over and over in most recent months. I am thankful for the people God has connected me with at work, at home, through Facebook, and yes; even at Walmart. I've been privileged to pray for many and have experienced God's healing touch in the people's lives that God has sent across my own life path.
     Healing School on Thursdays is growing, not only in numbers, but in significant revelation of who Jesus really is to us here in this tri-state area. We, together, have learned more about the healing power of the Lord, are encouraging one another in the word of God, and praying to get results. Getting to know the Lord through relationship has been blessing our hearts deeply.  The women coming to the open group are eager to be instructed and believe God for more of the promises of His to come to manifestation! The Grace of God is being taught and received! It really is the person of Jesus!
      We had family fun camping last summer with the grandkids, I've been blessed to have. Only the Creator could do so well!! Each and every grandchild, with all their distinct personalities, have expanded my heart for more joy and wonderment. My kids have grown exponentially  in their knowledge and relationship with their Lord. They certainly know much more than I did at their age, which I'm so grateful for. We are all believing for restoration in every area of our lives. We've been given much to be thankful for. God's plans for us are more than we could dare ask, think, or imagine!
     My book has been given to several people needing miracles. It's a resource that can help them to not give up. I reread it myself a while back, and was reminded of the faithfulness of God. The scriptures I use from the Bible have the power to change lives, heal bodies, and restore a person's soul, because it's God's thoughts & words that have power to recreate. I have plans to get my book in more prisons this summer, as well as magazine ads. I will keep you all posted on the rest of the year's progress. My book is still available locally at Walgreen's, through Certa Publishing, on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble as an Ebook.
     Until next time, know that you are greatly blessed, highly favored, deeply loved, magnificently healed, and hugely prosperous according to the Word of God. Believe it, receive it, and walk in the finished work of the cross! He did it all for you!

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