Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Journey.....

I never thought I’d write a book, especially about my own experience with cancer. It all started over 2 years ago in June 2011. I wrote a journal of events and resources I used during the process from my surgery to recovery. God spoke to my heart in November, 2011, to share what I had written in my journal. I typed it up the year I was on medical leave, then shared it with my pastor’s wife, Shannon Zetterlund. After reading it, she expressed her heart to me, and made the comment that it should be put in book form for others to read. This last summer I decided to do that.

I believe the word of God to be the final authority in my life. With that said, it is imperative that God be glorified in this book. His mercy and love is what this book is all about, even though I call it my journey. He helped me through it all and I am forever grateful for the knowledge of God’s word that built faith in my heart to believe His word above all the other voices I had to combat.

The publishing has been a process too. Many wonderful people at New Book Publishing led me through every step to get the book ready to print. The whole world seems different now that I have made the decision to share my journey with others. It is exciting to know that others may be healed also! To God be all the glory!