Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Good Afternoon Friends! The beautiful Fall day reminds me of my mom. She loved cooler weather, the changing colors of the trees, and probably having her kids going back to school after the three months we were all off for the summer. LOL! Mama has been in Heaven for almost 5 years now. I miss her counsel, and companionship daily. Dad went to Heaven 14 years ago, and I miss his hugs and very timely advice. I am so happy to have loving memories of them both!

Today, as I stopped to see our childhood home on the Nauvoo Road, I was greeted by the woman whose family purchased it recently. What a pleasing site to see a family enjoying the scenic river road, and expanding the property.  It was a very nostalgic day for me and my siblings. I forwarded new pictures of our past home onto them. Their thankful comments reminded me of how blessed we were to live in such a great era, with unique surroundings, and thousands of acquaintances and friends we got to know, as our father, Captain Don Gray, paddled the Addie May Excursion Boat up and down the Mighty Mississippi River, alongside our beautiful mom, Marlene.  Their memory remains forever implanted in  thoughts. Thank God for good family!

Despite the devastating events of Covid-19 this year, we've experienced some good times with our families, and built new and wonderful memories. I hope that's true with you too. Time flies by too quickly for most of us. I encourage you to interact with your family so you can create wonderful memories like I've had of my family.  

God created His family and intended to interact with them on a moment to moment basis as a good father does.  Despite the fall of mankind, God hasn't changed. He still wants to be with His family. It's His heart's desire to spend time with you. So take some time to spend with your loving, Heavenly Father today. Your memories will be sweet, as He encourages you, instructs you, loves on you, and guides your every step towards your future.

 In my book, My Journey To Healing, I share how important it is to remember that God is a great Heavenly Father, and His grace, is here for you whenever you need it. Keep your mind on the finished work of Christ, which included healing. There is nothing your Father has left unfinished. As the apostle Paul wrote in John 3:2, "Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way, and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering. " TPT That is my prayer for you today,

 Enjoy this Fall day! Until next time, be Greatly blessed, Highly favored, Deeply loved, Magnificently healed, and Hugely prosperous! 

Thursday, February 20, 2020

New beginnings

I haven't published anything for a while, but felt compelled by the Lord to update my blog today. Time gets away from me as I get involved with many activities that I love. Bible study, jail ministry, addiction support group, and Healing School keep me busy. I enjoy reaching out to help those that are lost in this world, just like Jesus did.

Today at Healing School, we were reminded how important it is to JUST DO WHAT THE LORD ASKS US TO DO! Although our lives are mundane at times, we must stay the course. God is in our future, preparing for us our glorious destiny. Many have said this will be the year we walk in the fullness of  the plans and purposes of the Lord.The enemy always fights the plan of God, but as we believe God's word above all over voices clamoring for our attention, we'll hear and complete the assignment he has for us.

We are greatly favored, highly blessed, and deeply loved by Him. There are many adjustments in this existence called life and we cannot do it on our own, but as we allow the Holy Spirit to be our Helper in every area, we can win the battles we face. Take heart today that God's got you and that His plan for you will prevail. Love God, love others, and love yourself. Everything will work for your good. Peace to you tonight!