Monday, September 1, 2014

Believe His Word. Live. Prevail.

One particular day when I was not feeling my best, and happened to be traveling alone to my radiation treatment, I was just bombarded with defeating thoughts. The Holy Spirit jogged my memory and reminded me that I had recently received one of Keith Moore’s free quarterly CDs called, “Trusting Him.” I swiftly slipped it into my truck’s CD player and listened. 

Keith was saying “Go into trust mode.” He spoke of Psalm 91:16 that says, “With long life I (God) will satisfy him and show him My salvation.” As Keith expounded on this scripture, I began to confess aloud what he was saying: “No matter what is coming against me, I cannot perish. I have not run my race; I have not finished my course. So, I cannot die with this stupid disease.” He went on to say that if people keep it just that simple, just believing God’s Word, they will live and prevail. Miracles will happen to them, and they will come out! 

(My Journey to Healing, p. 48-49)

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