Thursday, September 11, 2014

Angela's Prayer

One of my daughters, Angela, had an amazing experience in prayer the day I was in surgery. Here it is in her words:

On the day of my mother’s surgery, I was praying fervently for her. At one point, I felt I was done praying, in the sense that I had asked my Father for something, and I believed that He had ALREADY done it, so, instead of continuing in prayer, I was praising my Father for the victory. I knew my mother would live – He had told me she would! However, in the middle of rejoicing, the Holy Spirit suddenly stopped me and said, “Pray in the Spirit for your mother.”

I answered, wondering if it was a test, “Nope! I already prayed, and I know (smiling the whole time) that by Jesus’ stripes my mother is completely whole!” Again, the Spirit spoke, this time with urgency, and even though I didn’t understand why He would have me asking for something that I knew He had already given me, I obeyed.

I got on my knees, and after a half hour or so, I saw, in the Spirit, thick beams of light emanating from me, from the south, and from the northeast; there were smaller beams coming from many directions as well, but they all joined into one as they moved just north of me. I knew the beam of light was headed to Iowa City where my mom was in surgery, and I also knew immediately that it was the power o the Holy Spirit honoring the prayer of the righteous.

As the vision faded, joy filled my soul, and I began singing and dancing. I laughed and cried because I knew that my Father was trustworthy of taking total care of my mother. I had such peace.

It would be two to three weeks before I found out that she had almost died on that operating table. She had lost what I understood to be a vast amount of blood, yet she lived! I know for a fact that it was the Lord honoring the prayer of His people that kept my mother alive during that surgery. He is so faithful! 

– Angela Wise

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